Justin Ribeiro

Master of Ceremony

Diana Rodriguez

DevOps + IoT + Security: No Secrets


Kenneth Christiansen

Bridging the Web and the Physical World


Ben Brandt

Running C# on my Table Saw


Luis Montes

WebAssembly & Things

Slides: https://iotdevfest.surge.sh

Macy Kuang

How to Bring your IoT Prototype to Production!


Daniel Myers

IoT and Google Assistant - Building a Voice Controlled IoT Device


Alessandro Grande

Bringing Intelligence to Edge Devices


Dave Smith

From the Cloud to the Edge with Google


Dave Poortvliet

Tracking Low Energy Bluetooth Devices


Timothy J. Salo

Interfacing Android Things with Arduino: Real-World Experience and Observations


Veer Muchandi

Leveraging Containers and Container Platforms for IoT


Lukas Ruebbelke

Fun Automation Pipelines with Things ON THE INTERNET!